It's time to take back the skies.

A bird has to work hard to catch a meal these days. Especially with all these drones buzzing about. Well, this bird's had enough! Join the crusade to help "Sunny" gather his friends and take back what's his.... and get plenty to eat in the process.




Praise for Bird vs. Drone

"Fun game with an old school arcade feel."

Richard Brookes - Google Play review.

"...already find myself playing it a lot, it is so addictive and fun..."

Lia S D - Apple App Store review.

"Very nice simple, game. Perfect for mobile. Runs smooth and fluidly, the controls are nice and simple, the tutorial is simple, the game is fun and addictive."

Nascent Nascentt - Google Play review.

"I love this game!!! It's so addictive. It's a fun game to play anywhere."

Lucinda Drabsch - Apple App Store review.


  • Free download
  • Fun arcade action
  • Enjoyable and easy to use tap controls
  • Eat bugs, collect stars and level-up
  • Challenging for hard-core players, fun for the casual gamer
  • Unlock your bird-friends with awesome and deadly special powers
  • Defeat the dreaded boss drones to claim victory and win the game
  • Global leaderboards and Achievements

Available Now

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I upgraded to Premium and my new phone doesn't show it. Help!

No problem. From the main menu, click on Settings (the gear icon) and tap "restore purchases". The game will contact the app store, be notified that the upgrade has already been purchased, and immediately upgrade the game.

I didn't pay attention to the tutorial. Help!

From the main menu, click on Settings (the gear icon) and choose to run the tutorial again on your next game.

I need help that is not listed here. Help!

Please email with your question. Tert himself shall get back to you.